Plants, shrubs and trees are an essential part of landscaping. When planning an outdoor renovation, make sure you don’t forget about the greenery. Here are the role of plants in landscaping:

1. Aesthetics

Plants are features that appeal to our sight, smell, sound and touch. Each has their own unique color, shape, aroma and texture which add beauty and charm. Physical distinction between plants provides each of them with unique personality. Some plants are extroverts and create a loud, boisterous, energetic and attention getting effect. While other plants may be introverts and communicate quite, calm and content to be in the background. An ideal landscape mixes  plant personalities to get an interesting and appealing effect.

An experienced landscaper can use their knowledge of plants to bring in amazing effects that suit the taste and style of the landowner.

2. Sculptural

Different size, color and forms of plants are used to create a sculptural effect. Unusual or prominent plants may be used as a focal point to contrast their surroundings. Plants can also be used to construct a backdrop.The challenge is to keep the setting simple and continuous, yet harmonious and complementary. Plants need to be contained in the setting without engulfing it which takes the touch of a professional landscaper.

3. Increased Property Value

Enhancing curb appeal is an important aspect in landscaping which helps add overall value to your home or property. Utilizing different forms and texture in landscaping for example, you can make your entrance area stand out in comparison to neighbors. An expert has the ability to make an area look longer or broader to minimize shortcomings in dimensions or space constraints. If you want to create a calm, quite, serene or bold, striking, majestic mood, it’s very much possible with the support of a professional landscaper.

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